Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011 update

Sorry I have not updated my blogg in a while. We have been busy. All has been going well with the Ice, Winter Nights and White Widow. Our diesel should be ready in another two months.

For brownies, the whole brownie can only weigh 2.5 Oz eventhough there is less plant in the brownie. We also have been mnaking lolly pops for one client.

We have room for more patients so if you interested please email us. We can make arraingments for delivery. We are in the Farmington Hills.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June update

Our plants have bloomed and our patients have began to use our produts. They say it is great stuff, although some want us to bunch up the MM. So we will do it. The brownies are great. We used part of the plants and turned them into a butter or oil. It has been an interesting experience trying to cut the plants and cut them down. Very tedious process. If things keep going well we will have to move to a new site.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Client from Ambrose Law Group

We would like to thank the Ambrose Law Group for referring a new client to us. Ambrose Law Group helped set up company and showed us how to use the Michigan website to fill out forms. You can go to to find out more.

We are developing receipes for brownies for those patients that do not like to smoke.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We use Ghiradely's mix becuase Martha Stewart said it was the best.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our first blog

This blog site is dedicated to the Michigan medical marijuana and growing and selling for care givers and our patients(legal) and potential new patients.

We have been growing three types of mm: White Widow, Ice, Northern Lights. The buds have been drying for a week now. We have started to cure them. It has taken us several months to get to this point. We have spent several thousands of dollars on equipment and increased energy bills.

To become legal, you need to have a medical doctor fill out the Michigan form and sign it. Then you need to write a check to the State of Michigan for $100 along with a copy of your drivers license and mail it to your care giver. We have room for more plants. We are allowed only to grow 12 plants per patient. Each care giver is allowed to have 5 patients max.

Growing medical marijuana is against Federal Law. In Michigan some cities are trying to use zoning laws to control the sale and distribution. It is illegal to have a store front and you cannot smoke is a public place.

We will be stating a compassion club soon which will help to explain in greater detail issues surrounding the laws and educating the legal caregivers and patients.